This conference will deal with….

Topics of the conference

  • Alternative pedagogies, church upbringing
  • Health and wellness instruction, sports pedagogy
  • Higher education, adult education
  • Child and youth protection
  • Special education, unusual educational needs
  • Education for the disadvantaged and members of minorities
  • Foreign language instruction
  • Electronic educational environments, e-learning, distance learning
  • Cognitive development
  • Environmental pedagogy
  • Motivation, self-regulation
  • Artistic instruction, visual culture
  • The history of education, reform pedagogy
  • Educational methods, methodology
  • Educational policy, education in the European Union
  • Nursery school pedagogy
  • Comparative pedagogy, instruction for national minorities
  • Pedagogical assessment, the nurturing of excellent
  • Teacher training, teaching as a career
  • Professional training
  • Personal development and growth
  • Social abilities, social learning
  • Learning and knowledge
  • Social science instruction
  • The cultivation of talent
  • Instruction in the natural sciences